Monday, January 24, 2011

Poor Bucks....

So my favorite team in the NBA is the Milwaukee Bucks.
Michael Redd is my favorite player, and Scott Skiles is an amazing coach.
Not only that, I think Brandon Jennings has a lot of potential; Andrew Bogut would be an all-star if he had Jennings feeding him throughout the whole season instead of being injured all the time.
I love Earl Boykins: cute, little, yet skilled man.
and I think they have a great supporting crew like Luke Mbah Moute for defense, Corey Maggette, and Drew Gooden to do the dirty job. Ilyasova can be a +20 pointer or a waste, but hopefully he will gain consistensy as the season progresses. Delfino is also amazing, so just let him recover from his injury.
They had a pretty tough night against a future HOF D. Rose... Unstopable, especially without Jennings...
I hope he recovers soon.
Plus, M. Redd will be back soon! (In about a week)