Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Change in the Lakers?

Apparently the Laker's GM is planning to make some underachieving Lakers.
The Lakers won the NBA Championship on the 2008-09 and 2009-10 season.
Every year they just seemed to be stronger: After winning in 08/09, they added a strong defensive stopper in Ron Artest.
After they won with him, they added a veteran and sharp-shooter, Steve Blake, and ANOTHER defensive specialist, Matt Barnes.
Not only that. Lamar Odom seemed to be playing at his top after winning the 2010 FIBA tournament over the Summer.

The Lakers are second in the West, but have had disappointing losses:

"Most glaring of all, the Lakers have struggled to play with consistency against the best teams in the league, the clubs that will become the obstacles between a third consecutive title and a disappointing end to what Phil Jackson says is his final season as coach. Since Christmas alone, they have lost to the Heat by 16, the Spurs by 15, the Mavericks by nine and, now, the Celtics by 13, while beating the Thunder by seven."

Maybe the other teams got too good? (The Heat are amazing with their trio, Mavs are playing great with healthy players other than Caron Butler, Spurs have a healthy Ginobili and Parker, Celtics added Shaq".
Or is Derek Fisher getting too old? Do they miss Vujacic?

Kobe is not the problem. He has actually playing well, and Gasol too. I don't know why they are not performing, but the GM wants to make some changes before it's too late. However, I don't see any significant gain the Lakers could get from a trade unless they trade some of their key players: Artest, Gasol, Odom, Brown.

Whatever the change is, if it happens, it will be interesting to happen what's next


  1. Heat or 3-peat? After the reading this post, I would have to say the Heat. Nice Post.

  2. following and supporting!


  3. i remember chakil oniel he was playing in this team..!!
    nice po$$t

  4. looking fwd for next.. :D

  5. the lakers will win it all again this year...heat will lose in the first round

    your friend,

  6. The Lakers will stay competitive because they have great size and depth up front. As far as trades go, I don't think they have any viable assets on that team. It's a very old roster, and once Kobe's time comes, that franchise has nowhere to go except down.

  7. It's the Lakers. They'll turn it around.

  8. With the Heatles (Heats) Lakers finally have some competition!

  9. Post season experience goes a long way. Thats why I think the Lakers will 3peat.

  10. I still say Kobe's blown up..following though.


  11. Never really watched a full game - but will be following events