Sunday, February 20, 2011

NBA Allstar recap

It was a fun weekend for the allstar
long story short heres the recap
Celebrity game MVP: Justin Bieber

Rookie Challenge MVP: John Wall. He had the craziest assist I have ever seen in my life! (no joke)
Skills Challenge: Stephon Curry
3pt contest: James Jones, from Miami Heat, beat the former champion Paul Pierce and the best 3pt shooter in the history of the game, Ray Allen
Slam Dunk Contest: Blake Griffin
Although there were some insane dunks: Javail McGee dunked two balls in two rims, as well as 3 balls. Serge Ibaka picked out a toy in the rim with his teeth and then dunked. But Griffin had it going, dunking over a car with B.Davis assisting him and a choir singing: "I believe I can fly"

Lastly, NBA Allstar MVP: Kobe Bryant. He was amazing, and even avoided Lebrons chasedown

Hope u guys enjoyed it as much as I did!
Looking forward to the second half of the season!


  1. good nba weekend. good to see my man kobe snag the mvp honors.

  2. I think Ibaka and McGee made great dunks, they deserved more points. Griffin is a terrific dunker, but the one with the car was more show than dunk. They all have to repeat in the contest next year.

  3. Does dunks they put up were incredible!

  4. lol justin bieber really played? i wonder if he was any good

  5. I thought the deal with the car was retarded. It didn't impress me that he jumped over the hood. If he would've jumped over the top of the car I would of applauded

  6. I think basketball players are scary because they are WAY THE HELL TOO TALL.
    I'm a tiny 5'1" girl.
    They are like trees to me.
    But I would have liked to have seen one jump over a car and dunk it.
    Now that would have been bad-ass.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. Gyahahaha whats JB doing there?!

  8. jb looks tiny compared to everyone else

  9. Basketball is such a boring useless sport!

  10. Blake Griffin is a monster. You do not mess with a monster.

  11. There definitely needs to be more basketball in the UK just like that guy says. Amazing stuff.

  12. Great weekend for basketball!

    And I like the picture of Bieber on CSI much better.

  13. lol, is the kid in the first pic okay?